Finding Nick (Tribute, Texas) (Tribute, Texas) (Silhouette Special Edition #1772)

PDF-file by Janis Reams Hudson

Finding Nick (Tribute, Texas) (Tribute, Texas) (Silhouette Special Edition #1772) PDF ebook download Injured New York firefighter Nick Carlucci had long ago retreated to quiet Tribute, Texas, determined to escape his demons. He was done with remembering — and feeling. And then beautiful reporter Shannon Malloy hunted him down — and got him back to doing both. Shannon refused to let Nick avoid her. She was intent on unlocking the secrets he kept — secrets that tied in to her own painful past. But when the tenacious reporter finally gained full access to the elusive hero, would she get more than a story — say, maybe a one-way ticket to Nick's heart?

eBook Finding Nick (Tribute, Texas) (Tribute, Texas) (Silhouette Special Edition #1772)

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