Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting, The

PDF-file by Aubrey Malphurs

Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting, The PDF ebook download Most books on church planting offer a model for churches to replicate—usually one that is tied to a particular style, generation, or demographic. But what churches really need is a process that is flexible, not bound to a particular time or current fad. In The Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting, trusted author and church-planting expert Aubrey Malphurs shares the basic steps any church planter will need, regardless of his or her generation now or in the future. These steps include

establishing values, mission, vision, and strategy
reaching the community
making disciples
recruiting a team
determining location and facilities
raising money for the ministry

With instant practical takeaway based on proven techniques, this book will be invaluable to any church planter.

eBook Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting, The

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