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Voyage PDF ebook download Kal is ready to leave his strange home and is about to embark on a journey to even stranger worlds.

After four years of exile, he can finally escape into the metaxia, the unspace between universes, and explore alternate Earths.

Supremely advanced cultures and natural wonders of immeasurable beauty await him. However, there exist also worlds mired in social decay, and those filled with dangerous, exotic forms of life.

Armed only with defensive nanotech and a computer pad, Kal travels from one alternate Earth to another. Navigating the infinity of possibilities, he embarks on a new kind of voyage, a voyage along the catastrophe of notions.


Kal is shocked to discover a world where the fundamental component of all life is clay. This is a huge surprise, since he has not travelled “metaxically” far enough from Earth to account for such a huge difference in evolutionary history. Tria is unnerved and wants to leave, but Kal insists on uncovering the mystery of the world of clay people and animals called Glinn.

Voyage: Embarkation Episode #8 "Benevolence" is about 10,500 words long.


Voyage: Embarkation

Episode #1 "Setting Sail" - February 11, 2013
Episode #2 "Longing" - February 14, 2013
Episode #3 "Just a Game" - February 18, 2013
Episode #4 "Tria" - February 21, 2013
Episode #5 "Corporeal" - February 25, 2013
Episode #6 "Norselands" - March 14, 2013
Episode #7 "Duality" - April 11, 2013
Episode #8 "Benevolence" - May 9, 2013
Episode #9 "Nanogen" - June 6, 2013

eBook Voyage

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