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Head on PDF ebook download This novel is set again in the Great Northwest. It starts with a dramatic scene of a horrific automobile collision on the day after Memorial Day in 1973 on a mountain road in western Oregon. Two people are killed, and three others suffer serious injuries. A major lawsuit follows, involving several plaintiffs, including an injured wife, two injured children, and the estates of the person killed in the accident. On the opposite side are the manufacturers of both vehicles as well as a service station that had serviced one of the vehicles shortly before the collision. Barry O'Shea represents one of the vehicle manufacturers, Monarch Motors. Plaintiff hires a local lawyer with little trial experience, who associates Wayne Merriman, a famous litigator from Carson City, Nevada. Fascinating twists and turns portrayed in the pretrial investigations and proceedings keep the readers' attention. Merriman's dynamic presence and novel tactics highlight these normally boring proceedings. Barry finds himself involved in a real "dog fight." Adding to the mix is an attractive insurance adjuster for the plaintiffs' insurance carrier, who has a plan of her own. The trial is held in Astoria, a town of Scandinavian history, situated on the mouth of the Columbia River as it empties into the Pacific Ocean. A judge of Norwegian ancestry is called upon to preside over a very unique trial that has Barry digging deep his "bag of tricks" to fend off the tactics of the plaintiff's counsel. Because of Merriman's discovery, a substantial settlement is made with one of the vehicle manufacturers. Then Merriman turns his full attention to the case against Monarch, relying heavily upon expert witnesses. Barry's handling of these experts, as well as his preparation of Monarch's defense, leads to another surprising ending, which is a feature of the Barry O'Shea mysteries series. The fast pace and mobility of this novel will keep the reader riveted to the end.

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