Combat Focus Shooting

PDF-file by Rob Pincus

Combat Focus Shooting PDF ebook download I really wanted to dislike this book, but I was pleasantly surprised.I've never met or trained with the author, but I have seen some of his videos demonstrating some tactics that I would consider questionable.I've heard both negative and positive reports of his training from some of his former students.

While I was ready to rip the book apart, I really didn't find anything wrong with it!The author and I disagree about a couple of things (muzzle direction at the ready, the best way to rack the slide, the way he handles multiple targets), but I found myself in agreement with him on the majority of the topics he wrote about.

While I don't really consider this a complete reference on handgun shooting and tactics, it does provide solid information and a useful resource.It's worth adding to your library.

eBook Combat Focus Shooting

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