Merciless Truth

PDF-file by Suzanne Perazzini

Merciless Truth PDF ebook download Cara, an English journalist, flies into Katanga, the Congo in December, 1962 on a mission. In an effort to escape from the shattering news that her mother has early-onset Alzheimer’s, a hereditary disease, she is determined to bury herself in research for the article she has been commissioned to write – to find out the truth about the role of the mercenaries in the Katangan war of secession from the Congo.
She stays with Dan, a mercenary pilot whose wife, a friend of Cara’s, was killed during the ill-fated Operation Morthor, the United Nations’ first attempt to bring the Katangese leader, Tshombe, back into control. He is morose, self-absorbed and determined to find the truth surrounding his wife’s death.
At Cara’s request, he sets her up with a team of ground force mercenaries who are off on a mission to rescue missionaries from a village in the north of Katanga which has been attacked by the savage Baluba tribe.
Cara chooses Jed, the leader of the team going north and Dan’s enemy, as her protector after she is almost raped by one of the men. During the nightmare journey, he teaches her how to handle weapons and becomes her bedmate. She sees more horror and learns more painful truths about the brutality of jungle warfare than she has ever dreamed existed and determines to live her life day by day undaunted by the possibility of losing her sanity as did her mother.
In the end, Dan finds the truth about his wife in an explosion of violence and Cara makes her choice.

eBook Merciless Truth

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