Love in Dreams

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Love in Dreams PDF ebook download Two trapped souls, one dark secret.

Cass Danby is on the run, fleeing a violent ex-boyfriend who's determined to get her back by any means necessary. She escapes to the relative safety of an isolated cabin only to be confronted by a new, mysterious force — an abused, half-tame wolf who slowly infiltrates Cass's troubled, and strangely erotic, dreams. As Cass comes to terms with her new life in the isolated wilderness of northern Minnesota, she must manage constant fear, a yearning for independence, and a potentially deadly new attraction to a creature she once thought limited to flights of fantasy. A primal and violent collision reveals how easily such misconceptions can be dashed...

Publisher's note: This 20,000-word novella is an erotic and suspenseful romance that contains explicit sexual content meant for open-minded adults only.

eBook Love in Dreams

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