Paranoia Stuff 2

PDF-file by Eric Minton

Paranoia Stuff 2 PDF ebook download This 96-page equipment book for PARANOIA players, the long-awaited follow-up to the first STUFF, contains over 100 all-new items and services. Many are illegal for Alpha Complex citizens to buy, own or even know about. So STUFF 2: The Gray Subnets gives you a strong edge against your enemies and other players. Wait, that's redundant.... Weapons like the Psionic Detonator, Nuclear Slugthrower Rounds, Toilet Firebombs and (brrr ) the Chainsaw Gun. Blackmail material you can use on wealthy high-clearance citizens. What could possibly go wrong? Illicit services like Mutant Power Training, Nu Identity, the online game Alpha Rage, Alibis-R-Us and Treason Scene Cleanup. Great new medications like ClotAlot, Meme Paste, Weepy and the first drug for bots, FORTRANce. Now you can own a CyberNeck, the Speak-with-Head Perfused Brain Reactivator and 'Squishy' the Faciomimetic Bio-blob

eBook Paranoia Stuff 2

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