The Presidency of Bill Clinton

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The Presidency of Bill Clinton PDF ebook download The presidency of Bill Clinton has an intrinsic historical significance: a marker of generational change, as he was the first "baby boomer" to reach the White House; the first president whose personal life received no less attention than his policies; and the first elected Democrat President to win re-election since Franklin Roosevelt.

This book provides wide-ranging coverage of Clinton's career, addressing the salient aspects of Clinton's life in politics: his governorship; the 1992 presidential campaign; the battle for health care reform; his economic policies; the issue of character, including the Monica Lewinsky scandal; his foreign policy – specifically his role in the peace process in Northern Ireland and in authorizing an aerial war in Kosovo; his handling of the issue of gay rights; and his relationship with the Hollywood film industry.

Based on the latest research, this volume provides important new perspectives on Clinton's life in politics. It will be essential reading for anyone interested in American History, Politics, and International Relations.

eBook The Presidency of Bill Clinton

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