Become the Media

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Become the Media PDF ebook download I don't think anyone can truly appreciate the enthusiasm that was in the air in 2000 with the Nader Green Party candidacy unless you were a part of it.People later turned against Nader and became a bunch of obnoxious dickheads, but during that time, some people actually thought they could make a difference.Of course, they were proven wrong, and people on both ends still make cute little sound bite-worthy comments to discourage a third party candidate from running, but there was a bit of optimism in it, and I was proud to be a part of it.This CD captures some of it, along with Jello's usual bitter gripes about the state of the government.Pure nostalgia makes me rate it this high, as 2000 was the peak of my "political" phase, and the last time I bought one of Jello's spoken word albums.

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