Private Vows (On The Edge) (On The Edge) (Intrigue, 603)

PDF-file by Sally Steward

Private Vows (On The Edge) (On The Edge) (Intrigue, 603) PDF ebook download She wore a blood-stained wedding gown, but had no memory of her groom�or her own name. In desperation, she turned to the sexy stranger who d found her and begged for his help, his protection....

Ex-cop-turned-investigator Cole Grayson knew better than to get involved with another vulnerable, scared woman. But the strength beneath her fear drew him toMary �and so he brought her home with him. Yet as he searched for her past, strange things began happening. Were Mary s fears valid? Suddenly Cole realized that helping her remember put him in danger�of losing her forever....

eBook Private Vows (On The Edge) (On The Edge) (Intrigue, 603)

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