Seeking Air

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Seeking Air PDF ebook download Wow it took me a long time to read this book!

Here's chapter 7:

"Things have fallen out and things have fallen in." -HG Wells

Miriam we are going to Minna's. Ah this is when you put your hand in mine. We are going to pass through the corridors of—my past. Then stairs. First up tot he rooms. We push the bell. Someone nearby says, "They wouldn't let me into the bar of the Seven Seas." We are in a hallway. Miriam. I touch you. You who have never known the years of these rooms. I feel your heavy dress. We go up the stairs. There it is.

This is the water's music. I am walking by the water. I am telling you my sister, you are syllables.You are the music dropped on leaves. I am saying there is the funeral of Lenin. If you wish to listen. I am saying we are living at the top of the house and there the chords make such a sound the steeple sweeps sideways against the sky. And then we begin.

(Not every chapter is this breathless)

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