Logan's Run

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Logan's Run PDF ebook download The Kraft material is the best.Warner's aftermath was pretty much D.O.A.The first of his two issues was allowed to be only half the book for legal reasons, which gave us the Scott Edelman/Mike Zeck backup with Thanos and Drax the Destroyer, and he didn't get far enough to see where he was going before the series was canceled.I have not seen the film or read the book.I've heard Jerry Goldsmith's score a few times, but not enough that I could think of it while reading the comic.The early George Pérez art is excellent as usual.I thought the best chapter was chapter 5.Letter columns suggested that the comic book version is an improvement on the film.Even a guy who hated the film so much that he walked out gave the comic book a try when his dad bought it for him.The story really does deal with serious ideas in spite of the film's reputation for cheesiness.The comic book doesn't seem at all cheesy, particularly for mainstream comics in 1976.

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