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Turnaround PDF ebook download I decided to read this book and No Apology in order to gain a better understanding of Mitt Romney the man and the leader so that I can make an informed decision when voting for the 2012 primaries (and probably general election). I was very surprised to learn so much detail about the leadership and preparation of SLOC for the 2002 Games, it paints a very interesting picture that both contrasts and wonderfully complements what I remember as a nine-year-old kid when my parents and aunts volunteered and the Olympics were right on our doorstep.

I was impressed by how much of the book was spent documenting team members and others who Mr. Romney worked with and listing their contributions. The amount of work required to successfully see the Games brought from scandal to being the most successful Winter Olympics of all time was simply staggering, and even now its amazing that the job was pulled off. I guess in the long run I learned quite a bit about Mitt Romney's leadership. He takes a very practical, disciplined approach to solving problems and this book demonstrates his firm resolve in making hard decisions that have a far reaching effect. He is also quick to give credit where credit is due.

I was also impressed with his ability to work successfully with so many groups of people including a wide range of businesses and business leaders, the IOC, the USOC, Utah government, Utah media, Utah Law enforcement, the federal government, national media, national agencies, the military, congress and washington, the athletes and other international organizations, and of course the public; including admirable efforts to specifically include minority groups within the public. I think this book debunks the media complaint of Mitt Romney's "inability to connect with common people."

This book is pretty crunchy in terms of data and is more topic-based than simply a historical account of his time as head of the SLOC. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I did enjoy it.

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