Demon's Delight (Tale of the Demon World, #4)

PDF-file by MaryJanice Davidson

Demon's Delight (Tale of the Demon World, #4) PDF ebook download Between day and night, between the living and the undead, between human and immortal there is a passion that crosses the boundary—magnetically pulling together pairs who seem to have nothing in common.Now, four of today's most thrilling authors explore the delight that ensure when opposites come together...

This book contains 4 short stories:

1. Witch Way by MaryJanice Davidson
* Can a witch and a witch-hunter find common ground..without killing each other first?

2.Street Corners and Halos by Catherine Spangler
* Meet Rachel, hooker and vampire, plying both trades after hours until she meets Gabriel on the night shift.He's an angelic emissary on a mission to prove Rachel still has a soul, and to save it.But she offers him a mortal temptation he never expects...

3.The Demon's Angel by Emma Holly
* A beautiful scientist in the realm of the Demon World falls in love with a human male she has experimented on—and is changed forever...

4.Angel and the Hellraiser by Vickie Taylor
* Zane is hell-bent on danger—the more he eludes death, the bigger the rush.The he awakens from a near-drowning not only alive, but in the caring arms of a beautiful angel. But the ethereal Rosemary is driven by her own desires—and full of surprises.

eBook Demon's Delight (Tale of the Demon World, #4)

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