Buffalo Bill's Defunct

PDF-file by Sheila Simonson

Buffalo Bill's Defunct PDF ebook download Sheriff's investigator Rob Neill made a mess of his first case, the theft of sacred artifacts belonging to the Klalo, a Native American tribe from the western end of the Columbia River Gorge. Ten years later, a stolen petroglyph emerges-along with a body buried in a garage. Neill sees a chance to redeem himself, with the help of his new neighbor, librarian Meg McLean. Her information-retrieval skills work together with the police investigation-but the partnership threatens to turn unprofessionally romantic. Meanwhile, two more people are murdered, and the Klalos' feisty chief, Madeline Thomas, has her own agenda that seems to hinder as much as help. Can a kind of justice finally come to Latouche County?

eBook Buffalo Bill's Defunct

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