Still Waters (Loveswept, No 163)

PDF-file by Kathleen Creighton

Still Waters (Loveswept, No 163) PDF ebook download Determined to face her fear of water, Maddy Gordon signed up for beginner swimming, and found herself surrounded by seven-year-olds! And why did her instructor have to be golden-muscled Olympic swimmer Zack London, whose grin still gave her goose bumps? Stunned by the emotions Zack aroused in her, Maddy sought refuge behind her puppets. Perfect for her work with children, they also helped keep other people at arm's length—a barely safe distance where Zack was concerned! Zack knew Maddy had to face what scared her before she could return his love, but would she trust him enough to conquer her ghosts?

eBook Still Waters (Loveswept, No 163)

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