Slipping. Out of Control.

PDF-file by Liz Wells

Slipping. Out of Control. PDF ebook download Life behind closed doors, is often very different to the day to day life that many people portray to the outside world. This story dares to unpick and unravel the truth about the authors own life. Its grittiness, brutal honesty and intense pace will cause even the most casual of readers to be 'drawn in'. Life is a rollercoaster ride, isn't it? But what happens when the ride gets faster and the cart that you're sat in begins to break apart. How should you react when the blue sky at the fair ground turns black and suddenly you find you have lost your way? What do you do, when suddenly you no longer know where you are and there is no one there to help you? Confusion and helplessness surround you. Panic and anxiety torture your thoughts and suicide waits like an emergency stop switch. A story fraught with emotion, which will not fail in challenging every area of life and show that even the death ride can have an alternative ending.

eBook Slipping. Out of Control.

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