The Last Man in Town

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The Last Man in Town PDF ebook download AN UNUSUAL PROPOSAL
All Lucas Garrett longed for was a good night's sleep.But as the last able-bodied, hot-blooded man left in a town full of lonely women, he hadn't had a moment's peace since the Gold Rush had lured all the eligible bachelors westward.Now he's just plain exhausted.So he turns to the only person he can trust—pretty, proper Priscilla Wentworth.If she would agree to pose as his future bride, then the fluttering flock of amorous ladies would finally leave him alone.

Priscilla agrees to pretend to be Lucas's fiancée in exchange for one thing only: he must help her find a husband of her own.Of course, Lucas is completely unsuitable—he's too handsome, too charming.But then he takes her in his arms, tantalising her with unforgettable kisses...and so much more.And suddenly Priscilla is wondering if the last man in town is really the only man for her.

eBook The Last Man in Town

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