What To Eat When You're Expecting

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Everything you need to know to nourish both yourself and your baby-to-be. Featuring the Best-Odds Diet, with tips for maintaining proper weight gain, brown bagging at the office, ordering in a restaurant, establishing good eating habits, and safe cheating.

"They've done it again! The authors of WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING have written another book that obstetricians can respect and expectant mothers can love...Not only is this book medically accurate, it's easy to follow." - Richard Aubry, M.D.

Clear answers to hundreds of concerns:

—How diet affects morning sickness. Mood swings. Leg cramps.

—How to tell what's safe to eat and what's not.

—Why the lack of proper nutrients often is linked to miscarriage.

—Whether or not your baby will suffer if you can't drink milk.

Your chances of having a comfortable pregnancy, a safe delivery, and a healthy infant are dramatically improved if you are on an excellent diet. The Best-Odds nine basic principles for nine months of nutritious eating provides just such a plan. It is complete with the most current data on calories, drugs, food additives, the importance of fiber, vitamin suppliments and more.

Includes the Best-Odds Pre-pregnancy and Breastfeeding diets. Plus delicious recipes for

high-protein meatless entrees, nonalcoholic cocktails, naturally-sweetened cakes, cookies, and taste-tempting desserts.

eBook What To Eat When You're Expecting

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