Cyberpals According to Kaley

PDF-file by Dian Curtis Regan

Cyberpals According to Kaley PDF ebook download Kaley Bluster is at it again! This time she's not only writing to her teacher, Mr. Serrano, but she's also writing to other fourth graders—all over the world! Her assignment is to find an email penpal and to discover things about a kid her age in another country. Kaley's assumptions and her chatty personality get her into trouble with some of her cyberpals because some things just don't translate, you know? Then some of her local classmates interfere with her emails, and Kaley just has to fix things. Her way. In the end, Kaley learns that it isn't such a good idea to make assumptions about people, whether they live far away, in her own hometown, or even in her family.

eBook Cyberpals According to Kaley

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