Danny Boy and Tennie

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Danny Boy and Tennie PDF ebook download Tennie is a snippet of a chapter from the novel Avenge.
Danny Boy is also a short story from the novel Six Bulls-The Ohioans.
If you liked the short stories please consider order the full novels. The tales are woven with historical events and figures to provide you word pictures of life on the American frontier.

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Novels in the Six Bulls Series ~

Six Bulls-The Ohioans
Rafting from Ohio to Missouri down the big rivers of America, pioneers load their families and possessions on flatboats, seeking a new life on the American frontier. Adventures abound during their exciting and dangerous trip.

The Carolinian
Abraham learns how to be a man during the Battle of New Orleans and applies those principles on his tobacco plantation in North Carolina. Shunning slavery, he moves his family west. Their adventures produce a riveting account of pioneer life in the wilds of a new country, while battling the ever-present Hooker, the slaver.

The theft of prized horses sets a young man on a journey of adventure. On the trail of the last outlaw, he roams the vast wild American frontier, following the murder and rapist, as they clash in an epic battle of wits. Only one can survive.

Bride by Mail
Independent and spirited, Eva is determined to seek a life that includes adventure and travel. Living in New Philadelphia, Ohio with her parents in the 1880s, her prospects reduce to Will’s marriage proposal. Through fateful twists, she begins corresponding with Frank, a stranger who lives in the wilds of Washington Territory. The prospect of a long trip is exhilarating yet daunting. Eva's father adds to the tempest with his frequent lectures on marriage and family, and noting that, Eva will become an ‘old maid, in fact and age in a few years, with no one by your side, as you shrivel like a prune.'

Frank's letters captivate Eva’s imagination with his adventures. Along with his brother, the young men head west with a wagon train and encounter dangers—stampedes, cutthroats, and stumbling onto the “silent killer” of early western trails. Unexpectedly reuniting with their uncle, they track outlaws and a stolen gold shipment. Adding to their peril is the scheming owner of the Sourdough Wind Mine in the gold mining camp of Yreka.

Short Stories ~

Young raw-recruit Abraham is exposed to the terror of war during the Battle for New Orleans. A frontiersman provides the wisdom to help him become a hero.

Arkansas Storm
Pioneers on flatboats are towed by a steamboat when they run into a storm that threatens their lives and the loss of all they own.

Beanblossom Creek
Chief Black Hawk’s men are on the warpath and Captain Custis Cauley and his militiamen are waiting. The battle that follows is epic.

Captain Jonathan Buzzard
Brazen and courageous, the captain takes on the five outlaws threatening a pioneer’s family—exciting and action packed!

Settlers on the frontier are caught between warring armies as the Civil War rages. In the midst, human compassion is extended.

Prairies are one of God’s greatest gifts, but these can also be deadly. Pioneers take desperate measures to save everything they have created.

Sourdough Wind Mine
Thieves steal gold ore and come face to face with the “enforcer.” Deep underground in the mine, the encounter plays out among flying bullets in the darkness.

The government’s Indian Removal Act of 1830 is being implemented and farmer James Stinson and his family are in the cross hairs. This is one of many tragic stories about Indian displacement in the 1800s and remains a stain on American history.

Roaring River
Bushwhackers ambush two men, killing one. The survivor leads a posse to track down the band of killers, leading to an epic battle.

Three Bells
Settlers prepare for war with Chief Black Hawk and his warriors on remote farms in Indian. What happens one fateful night changes them forever.

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