Looming Shadow (Journey to Chaos #2)

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Looming Shadow (Journey to Chaos #2) PDF ebook download Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers Favorite

The Looming Shadow (Journey to Chaos Book 2) is a fantasy by Brian Wilkerson. Eric Watley prefers living on Tariatla where he studies magic, but Tasio, a Trickster sent him to Threa, which weakens his magical powers. Eric eventually returns to Tariatla, where he’s still employed at the Dragon’s Lair, but is dubbed “The Trickster’s Choice” so everyone is wary of him and he often has mishaps wherever he goes. He reunites with old acquaintances, Kasile who is now the Queen, Kallen, and a few enemies that include Nulso who also wants to harm him as well as others. Although Eric killed a powerful magician named Dengel, he constantly hears the magician’s condescending voice in his head, and a strange shadow calling itself Grey Dengel trails him. Grey Dengel believes that it is The Trickster’s Choice, unaware that Eric is the current one and causes mischief.

It is suggested that Book One in the series be read first to get a better understanding of The Looming Shadow (Journey to Chaos Book 2) by Brian Wilkerson. I feel there should have been a Glossary or Cast of Characters as most characters suddenly appeared in a scene then disappeared, and there was not sufficient information on them for me to form an impression. It contains more dialogue than action, and there was very little violence, but the book was a bit difficult to follow at times. However, the author’s writing was imaginative and consistent throughout the content. The silent conversations that Eric has in his mind with Dengel were witty. He certainly has problems but attempts to solve them as quickly as possible, regardless of obstacles. This is an original fast-paced story that fantasy lovers, particularly young adults will enjoy reading.

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