Producing Compelling Podcasts

PDF-file by Daniel H. Steinberg

Producing Compelling Podcasts PDF ebook download You call that a podcast? I don't think so. That's just a rambling bit of audio. We'll show you how to produce a podcast.

You have a story to tell and want to produce your own podcast. That's great! Welcome to the world of online audio. Now that you're here, how would you like to learn a few little techniques that will make your podcast stand out next to all of the others in your category? You bring the content and we'll work together on shaping it into compelling audio.

This book is for anyone with a story to tell. Whether you are recording podcasts for work or for fun, this will help you hone and improve your content. You will learn to find the story that is hiding inside of your narration or interview. This will help you explain everything from the benefits of a product or service that your company provides to your thoughts on some aspect of the world around you.

eBook Producing Compelling Podcasts

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