Chutzpah & Chutzpah

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Chutzpah & Chutzpah PDF ebook download This is the story of the world’s most famous—and sometimes infamous—advertising agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

The Saatchi & Saatchi name resonates around the world. Remarkably, it is still the first and, in many cases, the only advertising agency people name when asked to do so. Unlike any other book on the subject, Chutzpah & Chutzpah is a multiple eyewitness account by the actual people who helped make the company what it was and what it became. As well as being a very lively account, Chutzpah & Chutzpah is also an instructive business book, a timeless guide to what it takes to take a business sector apart and create astounding success from the innovative pieces. Beautifully designed in full color and with examples of all the key adverts that defined the company’s success, Chutzpah & Chutzpah is a cocktail of irreverence, brilliance, talent, tantrums, laughs, stunts, pratfalls, naughtiness, fearlessness, humanity, outrageousness, eccentricity, daring, excess, wows, and oops. Ultimately though, it’s a story of applied creativity.

eBook Chutzpah & Chutzpah

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