Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 2000

PDF-file by William C. Brainard

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 2000 PDF ebook download Published twice year, BPEA offers authoritative, in-depth research on economic development for economists, government officials, and members of the financial and business communities. For nearly thirty years, BPEA has been an indispensable source for scholars and policymakers seeking objective analysis of major macroeconomic issues. Contents include: "Raising the Speed Limit: U.S. Economic Growth in the Information Age." Dale W. Jorgenson and Kevin J. Stiroh "Roots of the Recent Recoveries: Labor Reforms or Private Sector Forces?" Jean-Paul Fitoussi, David Jestaz, Edmund S. Phelps, and Gylfi Zoega "Near-Rational Wage and Price Setting and the Optimal Rates of Inflation and Unemployment." George A. Akerlof, William T. Dickens, and George L. Perry "The Stock Market and Investment in the New Economy: Some Tangible Facts and Intangible Fictions." Stephen R. Bond and Jason G. Cummins

eBook Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 2000

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