Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden PDF ebook download Fifteen-year-old former slave, Chip Jefferson, is recruited into a conspiracy by seven adults to fake the famous battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack in order to sell more monitor-class ships to the Union Government. Chip leaves his old life behind as he learns how to fight for his freedom aboard the USS Monitor as it enters the most legendary naval battle of the Civil War on March 8, 1862 in Hampton Roads, Virginia. They use this money to finance their escape to Easter Island on a British merchant ship.
After earning his freedom from the war and its psychological agony, Chip travels across the oceans to Easter Island where, he is told by the others, a new paradise exists. However, instead of paradise, they all discover a society ruled by a pagan warrior Bird Man cult that controls the island and its dwindling natural resources. Chip wins the annual Bird Man contest by swimming through shark-infested waters to retrieve an egg of the Sooty Tern. He is not informed, however, that the Bird Man must be sacrificed at the end of his year of fame and fortune.
Now seventeen, Chip fights alongside the adults to conquer the Bird Man cult and reestablish civilization on the island. The battle to save the peaceful Hanga Roa clan teaches Chip to respect Nature and to win the heart of a young maiden.
Told through letters and historically accurate events, this alternate history is based on chronological facts that have been researched carefully, and they coincide with the actual events of the period of 1859-1863. The adventures of Chip, inventor John Ericsson, Lieutenant Samuel Dana Greene and the other five men and women, are an entertaining experience for young adults who want to relive the Civil War period in 2011, its 150th anniversary.

eBook Iron Maiden

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