Raising Teens

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Raising Teens PDF ebook download Raising a motivated teen doesn't have to be a struggle Empower yourself with the knowledge that will make your child-rearing years a success. These are pivotal years for your children, and you can help them be productive in school, happy in their relationships, and on their way to a bright future. Parents have dealt with rebellious teens since time immemorial, and this audio collection offers advice from authors, psychologists, and other experts on how to manage such behavior. Whether you want to help your teen excel in school or sports or you're like the millions of parents challenged with a troubled teen, help is on the way Highly trained professionals offer expert advice and tips on topics ranging from discipline, cell phone usage, video games, computer usage, dating, drugs and alcohol, and myriad other distractions today's teens face each day. From this program you will have the tools and knowledge to raise a teenager who is happy, motivated, fulfilled, healthy and talented.

eBook Raising Teens

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