Conscious Entrepreneurs

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Conscious Entrepreneurs PDF ebook download Are you among the millions of entrepreneurs who are awakening to the new, conscious model for business success? This new model is about you finding the sweet spot in your business (and your life) that blends purpose and passion with profit. I m sure you ll agree your business should thrive in the spiritual realm, and makes nuts-and-bolts sense in the physical realm... by being profitable while helping to serve the positive transformation of our world Conscious Entrepreneurs is the answer you ve been looking for. Inside this book, 47 conscious entrepreneurs reveal their personal stories, strategies and successes so you can experience your highest and best success, too! Here's what's in store for you: 5 easy steps to finding and following your true path, How to overcome any setback and turn it into an opportunity, How to write marketing copy that easily reaches your ideal customer, The secret power that unleashes purpose, passion and profit in your business, Discover the 6 hidden traits that create conscious leadership and success

eBook Conscious Entrepreneurs

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