Transformed by Jesus

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Transformed by Jesus PDF ebook download  Transformed by Jesus is the fifth Bible study in an all-new series based on Dr. Henrietta Mears’s best-selling Bible handbook What the Bible Is All About. With Dr. Mears as teacher and mentor, readers will study the New Testament letters of Paul and discover how God used the apostlto help believers in the Early Church learn how to be transformed by the presence, purity and power of Jesus Christ. They’ll also find out how to become followers Christ and agents of His blessing, truth and love to those around them. The What the Bible Is All About Study Guides for small group and individual study give readers the big picture of God’s plan of the ages laid out from Genesis to Revelation and show how Jesus is revealed on every page of Scripture. Through 12 sessions of study, they offer trustworthy, proven biblical content. 


eBook Transformed by Jesus

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