Une Vie Pour Se Mettre Au Monde

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Une Vie Pour Se Mettre Au Monde PDF ebook download Marie Gaultier de la Ferrière dite Marie de Hennezel, est née le 5 août 1946 à Lyon, est une psychologue, psychothérapeute et auteur française. [http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_de...]

Marie de Hennezel may not be a household name in America, but in France she's a trailblazer. The therapist who helped the late French President Jacques Mitterand through the final stages of his cancer, she's been leading the crusade to help people grow old gracefully, with dignity, and with joy. De Hennezel, who believes that we become truly old when we refuse to age, is the author of many books, including the international bestseller Intimate Death. [Huffington Post]

eBook Une Vie Pour Se Mettre Au Monde

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