Seasons of Love

PDF-file by Lisa J. Crane

Seasons of Love PDF ebook download SEASONS OF LOVE is a compilation of four stories, each centered around a specific holiday.

In I Hate Valentine’s Day, Katie is dismayed to learn the wedding for which she is arranging flowers is between an old high school tormentor and the boy – now a man – Katie loved. She never expected to see Tucker again, and here he is, picking up centerpieces in her flower shop! Has the Ugly Duckling (or Katie the Cow, as they called her) turned into so much of a swan that Tucker doesn’t even recognize her? And is it too late for Katie to tell Tucker how she feels?

In Bunny Cakes and Frosted Chicks, Jasmine Valenzuela, owner of Babycakes, needs help. There are just too many cakes to bake and not enough hands to do it! Jazz takes a chance on inexperienced Riley Parker, a man who’s been miserable doing what his wealthy family expected. Amidst Jazz’s propensity for crazy mishaps, will Riley learn what it is that makes this woman so different? And will he find the peace she seems to possess in the face of trials and troubles?

A Ghost of a Chance finds soap-maker Sophie Taylor moving to a small town where she’ll open a storefront for her online business. Sam Maxwell, owner of the local hardware store, is a strong, handsome man. He shares with Sophie the history of the old farmhouse she has bought, and finds himself pushed – quite literally – into Sophie’s arms. What – or who – could be pushing them closer and closer? And will Sam’s overbearing sister realize she doesn’t always know what’s best?

Luke Anderson is only at the mall as a favor to his sister and her two children. When he sits down at the only open chair he can find in the food court, he never imagines his life will be turned upside-down. Callie Allbright, dressed as one of Santa’s reindeer, leads him on a merry chase in Reindeer Games. Will Luke get the Christmas gift he really wants: will he find the intriguing woman with the amazing green eyes? Maybe, just maybe, with the help of the whole city….

eBook Seasons of Love

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