The Dark Star

PDF-file by Robert W. Chambers

The Dark Star PDF ebook download A pastor's daughter is inadvertently involved the heist of the famous Dark Star gem. Is there a prince who can save her from ruin and recover the stone?"The dying star grew dark; the last light faded from it; went out. Prince Erlik laughed."And suddenly the old order of things began to pass away more swiftly."Between earth and outer space-between Creator and created, confusing and confounding their identities, -a rushing darkness grew-the hurrying wrack of immemorial storms heralding whirlwinds through which Truth alone survives."Awaiting the inevitable re stablishment of such temporary conventions as render the incident of human existence possible, the brooding Demon which men call Truth stares steadily at Tengri under the high stars which are passing too, and which at last shall pass away and leave the Demon watching all alone amid the ruins of eternity."

eBook The Dark Star

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