Culture and Environment in the American Southwest

PDF-file by David A. Phillips

Culture and Environment in the American Southwest PDF ebook download This volume is based on a symposium held at the 2001 Pecos Conference in honor of Dr. Robert Clark Euler. The contributors represent the legions of students, colleagues, collaborators, and friends who were enriched by their association with him, and their topics encompass not only Southwestern archaeology but also geoarchaeology, ethnoarchaeology, and landscape theory. Among the topics covered in this eclectic volume are testing models of Grand Canyon's prehistoric Puebloan settlement history; the social organization of early Pueblo communities; the micro-archaeology of Hohokam floors; interpreting Formative Period settlement in the Western Papagueria; an intellectual history of Mesoamerican-Southwestern relationships; and the origins of Merriam's turkey.

eBook Culture and Environment in the American Southwest

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