Taker of Light

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Taker of Light PDF ebook download Ya know? I may just have to read this again to see if I can understand what happened and to whom. I don't understand why I am left feeling like, yeah, it seemed interesting as I read it, I just didn't know where the characters were going, who they were, and why all of it was happening.

I liked the main character. I liked what I could figure out of the plot. Maybe this is not a good book to listen on text-to-speech? I just felt like I was lost. What happened to her brother who now seemed to have the name of an angel, what? Aliens? Angels? No, I didn't go back and read about Grimm's Godfather. Maybe that is why I feel I am missing so much.

The writing was done well. No great editing errors. That is a relief. And I think it is because of the main character that I am giving this story 4 stars. But I am left with more questions than answers.

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