Lush Curves 5

PDF-file by Delilah Fawkes

Lush Curves 5 PDF ebook download When the crew arrives in Edinburgh, the charm of the old city cannot shake Aolani's suspicion that something terrible is about to happen. When Gavin introduces her to his brother as his "model" and nothing else, her worst fears are confirmed.

She knows she has to break it off, but the Live Beautifully Gala is the next night, hers and Gavin's time to shine in front of the investors. She can't break his heart before his big day, and instead spends the day getting to know his roguishly handsome brother, Malcolm—a terrible flirt who's determined to sweep Aolani off her feet.

When Gavin vows to tell Aolani how he feels, will it be too late to capture her heart?

This 6700 word story is the fifth installment in the sizzling erotic romance series LUSH CURVES by best selling author, Delilah Fawkes.

The next installment will be the last in this thrilling series, so keep an eye out for LUSH CURVES 6, coming soon!

eBook Lush Curves 5

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