Legendary Magic (Magic #6)

PDF-file by Ann Macela

Legendary Magic (Magic #6) PDF ebook download What if you could cast a spell to help you do your everyday job? But . . . your everyday job is destroying evil magic items, and the biggest, baddest item of all time has reappeared? And you and your soul mate have no clue how to use the biggest, goodest items of all to fight it?

Once upon an ancient time in practitioner lore, the wizards who commanded the most powerful magic items ever known fought the Last Great Battle.

Blaze Stone, Wielder of the Pinnacle of Heaven and Keeper of the Veil of Serenity, waged war against Toyfel, the Manipulator of the Depths of Hell. Blaze Stone and his supremely good crystals won, and Toyfel and the Depths of Hell, a crystal growth of enormous evil, fell into the abyss.

Now the Depths has risen to create a new Manipulator and wreak havoc on the modern world. The hereditary Wielder of the Pinnacle and Keeper of the Veil will be called upon again to destroy both Toyfel and the Depths of Hell.

Wielder Lucius Blasdon, 32nd English Earl of Bartlett, does not, however, possess the Pinnacle, and worse, he doesn’t know how to use it. Worst of all, the Pinnacle has killed would-be wielders of its powers. Enter American Kendra Degen, the most powerful Sword ever born, with the perfect means to lure Toyfel into battle and the talents to help discover how to use the Pinnacle.

The clues to the Pinnacle’s secrets are vague and difficult to interpret, and the battle will be upon them soon. The discovery that Lucius and Kendra are soul mates should help their cause. But Kendra has her own secrets, powerful ones that may ruin their ability to mate and become more powerful magically. In fact, her secrets could kill Lucius. The two mates must take two chances: mate without harm to either and use the Pinnacle without it killing them.

eBook Legendary Magic (Magic #6)

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