Make My Life a Prayer

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Make My Life a Prayer PDF ebook download When Keith Green died in a 1978 plane crash, many people wondered if his death would mark the end of his vital ministry.Nearly 20 years later, we know the answer. Keith's music continues to minister to old and new fans alike. His messages are also finding a new audience — first, through If You Love the Lord, a collection of devotional messages based on Keith's teachings, and now in Make My Life a Prayer. This new collection from the writings, spoken messages, and journals of Keith Green contains some never-before-published material that will motivate readers to:
— Live a life of "no compromise"
— Seek personal holiness
— Hunger for God's presence
— Be zealous for the lost
— Deny themselves and pick up the cross of Christ
— Spend more time in prayer

For readers everywhere who want a deeper Christian life, Make My Life a Prayer is a must-have.

eBook Make My Life a Prayer

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