Spellbound Temptation

PDF-file by Azalea Moone

Spellbound Temptation PDF ebook download Typical workaholic Max O’Neil is having trouble concentrating at work lately. Every night, his new neighbor Antony Mendoza opens up his window shades and walks around in the nude, providing the whole world an opportunity to glare at his fine features. When Max finds the courage to tell Antony to stop, he finds himself seduced into the man’s arms.

Max soon finds out that Antony is a wizard, sent from the magic realm to find a special creature to use in a spell that will make him the most powerful wizard in the land. And Antony soon realizes that Max holds the key ingredient for that spell, an incubus demon living deep within his soul. But how does he capture Max when he’s quickly falling in love with him?

Can both men learn to sacrifice familiar things for a chance at love?

eBook Spellbound Temptation

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