No Boys Allowed

PDF-file by Marilyn Levinson

No Boys Allowed PDF ebook download Cassie's dad moved away, her best friend Bobby is driving her nuts, and her great uncle Harry has invaded her house. It's time to boycott boys!

When her dad moves away to marry another woman, Cassie Landauer decides that there will be no boys allowed in her house —- or her life. Not even her best friend, Bobby! But then her mom invites Great Uncle Harry to stay with them for a few months. That's the last straw.

Great Uncle Harry takes over Cassie's bedroom, treats her like a little kid, and is always around the house. Cassie is sick and tired of it! But how can she boycott boys when one of them is living in her home?

All boys can't be that bad . . . can they?

eBook No Boys Allowed

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