Virtual Miracles

PDF-file by Karen Derrico

Virtual Miracles PDF ebook download 40 True Stories of Love, Courage and the Amazing Kindness of Strangers
Inspiring and heartwarming real-life stories
Virtual Miracles is a treasure box of heartwarming true stories about extraordinary things happening to ordinary people on the Internet, including how:
—A young man gets back more than he lost after selling all of his possessions via the Internet
—People around the world virtually join hands following the tragedies of September 11
—One mother's loss becomes a ray of hope for others
—A blind and deaf woman becomes "Queen of the Net"
—A big-hearted stranger reaches out to save Christmas for a little girl
—A cross-country relay system helps an elderly dog reach his new home
—Strangers save a suicidal man thousands of miles away
And more!
The unforgettable stories in this book will warm your heart, nourish your soul and renew your faith in humankind.

eBook Virtual Miracles

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