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Unknown Book 5829768 PDF ebook download A visual guide to the 150 most essential Belizean sights and experiences, Play It! Belize turns your sight seeing into a game. Collect points as you spot the unique animals, fish, flowers and birds of Belize, and for exploring Maya ruins or going on adventure tours. Twelve chapters with color pictures of all the special Belize sights and creatures helps you know what to look for on land, on sea, or in town. Each chapter gives you a quick, visual guide with the most essential facts you need to identify and spot the best of Belize. Compete with others to see who can spot a manatee, a gumbolimbo tree, a chachalaca or a black howler monkey. Whoever spots the most sights wins! Compete with yourself to see how many sights can you see during your trip. At the end of your trip, the book becomes a great souvenir of everything you did and saw.

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