Logan's Run # 3

PDF-file by Paul J. Salamoff

Logan's Run # 3 PDF ebook download Based on the 1967 original sci-fi classic by William Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, this comic adaptation by Paul J. Salamoff is a decent tribute to hardcore fans. While the underlying plot is untouched, the details and events have been tweaked. You'll see some new set pieces as well as a few throwback nemeses from the original. Like its paperback counterpart, it's a bit ruffled around the edges, with a loosely screwed, almost schizophrenically paced plot and bland protagonists. Interestingly, there does appear to be more interaction between Logan and Jessica in this graphic novel than in the entirety of the original work, though character development is still kept to a minimum.

Note that this edition is part of longer series by Bluewater Comics. Paul Salamoff worked with Daniel Gete, Joseph Baker and Jacob Bear on a series that was released as 6 individual comics, collectively titled Logan's Run: Last Day.

All in all, if you're a fan of the original, you'll likely enjoy the tastefully rendered sequences while revisiting the adventures of your favorite Sandman.

eBook Logan's Run # 3

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