Handbook of NAFTA Dispute Settlement

PDF-file by Ralph H. Folsom

Handbook of NAFTA Dispute Settlement PDF ebook download This major looseleaf work, the preeminent source for all lawyers and business people who handle transactions affected by NAFTA, includes#58; analysis of dispute settlement under free trade agreements in general; indepth discussion of the constitution of NAFTA dispute panels; primary source materials, including excerpts from the law, regulations, procedures, and standards, as well as other relevant documents and forms; summaries followed by the full text of all cases decided under NAFTA Chapters 19 and 20; summaries of all cases decided under CUSFTA Chapters 18 and 19, with the full text of each included on two diskettes; a list of CUSFTA and NAFTA cases that are pending or did not lead to published decisions, with the status of each; coverage of dispute resolution under the Environmental and Labor Side Agreements; and an extensive bibliography, including materials from U.S., Canadian, and Mexican law journals. All materials are informed by the expert analysis and judgment of some of the bestknown academics and practitioners in the field. Handbook of NAFTA Dispute Settlement is well on its way to becoming the standard work on the subject. pAuthor Bio#58;

eBook Handbook of NAFTA Dispute Settlement

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