Building Your Career

PDF-file by Susan J. Sears

Building Your Career PDF ebook download This unique hands-on workbook equips readers with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors required to make effective educational and career decisions. Using a wide variety of exercises and innovative worksheets, users pull together personal, family/social, and career traits, preferences and conditions, and use this "self-information" to explore relevant occupational clusters that are presented in terms of both a current and future-oriented workplace. The workbook moves readers systematically through a decision-making cycle of Awareness, Exploration, Choice, and Commitment. Getting Ready. What Do I Need to Know About Myself? What Do I Need to Know About Occupational Alternatives? What Do I Need to Know About Educational Alternatives? How Will I Decide? How Will I Gain a Psychological Edge? How Will I Advance My Career? The Job Search and Resume Writing. Am I the Best Candidate? Job Leads and the Job Interview. Where Do I Go from Here? For anyone involved in, or contemplating, an educational or career decision.

eBook Building Your Career

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