Thinking for Themselves

PDF-file by Jeni Wilson

Thinking for Themselves PDF ebook download For both teachers and students, reflection informs practice. By encouraging children to think about their learning and to become aware of and control their thinking processes, teachers can help children to become active, responsible learners-learners who can make their own decisions, choose appropriate strategies, assess their own work, and set their own goals.

In turn, by reflecting on their thinking and teaching, teachers can refine and improve their own teaching practice. "Thinking for Themselves" emphasizes the value of this process of reflection-of analyzing and making judgements about what has happened-and explores strategies to raise awareness of reflective thinking processes. Practical examples of how thinking strategies can be developed are used within the context of purposeful learning and provide:

ideas on getting started developing the appropriate learning environment program planning negotiating learning with students questioning and self-assessment techniques

eBook Thinking for Themselves

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