Christopher Pike's Tales of Terror

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Christopher Pike's Tales of Terror PDF ebook download Death of Despair: Mike wakes up alone one night in his condo. Then his past loves begin to visit him, each, they say, in their dreams. But what Mike does not know is that he has stumbled into a very evil nightmare from which there is no waking.

Revenge: Ted's girlfriend suddenly dumps him and he just doesn't think that is right. So he decides to kill her, in a very strange way.

The Fan from Hell: Marvin Summers, the bestselling author of teen fiction, returns to face Lassy, his No. 1 fan. Against his better judgment, Marvin allows himself to get intimately involved with this beautiful and mysterious girl. Only too late does he realize that some of his fans have studied his horror novles a little too closely.

Plus other strange tales from the world's darkest corners!

eBook Christopher Pike's Tales of Terror

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