A Daily Rate

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A Daily Rate PDF ebook download This is a little story about a country girl who is forced to go to the city for a job. She misses her aunt who has raised her, and whose situation is even worse than her own.

Her life is dim, without much hope of improvement, but things quickly change.

It is satisfying to read about the changes she makes to the little boarding house. As usual in Mrs. Hill's books, there is a romance going on as well. This is a weakness of the book, as the reader can see through the circumstance that, for a while, is devastating to our heroine.

The main character is a woman of excellent character and is a good role model for young girls and women. In the beginning of the story, we see what a bleak situation she is in, and she is not very optimistic. Life seems to have beaten her down, and she doesn't have a very strong faith. Still, she is kind to others, and seems to have compassion, although there is very little she can do for them at first. I really liked that she was very willing to serve, and when the opportunity presented itself, she cared for those that didn't really deserve it.

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