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Making Trousers PDF ebook download Comfortable, flattering trousers are satisfying to make and wonderful to wear. In Making Trousers, David Page Coffin provides his inventive, sure-fire methods for getting it right. With his characteristic precision and straight talk - and the help of his own photographs and drawings - Coffin presents a workshop on how to get custom-quality results with the simplest trousers pattern. The book opens with a peek inside existing garments - off-the-rack ready-to-wear, high-priced designer wear from Yves St. Laurent and Giorgio Armani, and fine examples of custom-tailored classic styles. Based on the secrets those garments reveal - and driven by his own quest for simplicity and style - Coffin then presents easy-to-learn and quick-to-make options on pockets, closures, waistbands and finishing details. With Coffin's insights and encouragement, you'll learn to transform your favourite trousers pattern into a comfortable, flattering, custom garment that suits you just right. About the author David Page Coffin is the author of Shirtmaking: Developing Skills for Fine Sewing.He is a former editor of Threads magazine and has appeared on several online sewing forums, hosted live chat shows and appeared on sewing programmes on TV. David has also conducted sewing workshops throughout the US and UK at trade shows, fabric stores and conferences.

eBook Making Trousers

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