The Right Place at the Right Time

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The Right Place at the Right Time PDF ebook download It was cool to read some stories by someone 'that was there'... when the Berlin Wall was built. When the Cuban Missile Crisis happened. When Kennedy was shot. I'm not sure what will stick with me later, but the one that jumps out at the moment is his characterization of the Nixon administration. And with two former Nixon staffers (Cheney and Rumsfeld) having been in the Bush II administration, I found myself thinking that we should not have been surprised at all by the behavior that we got. The only difference is that between Nixon and Bush II, the party became more hardened, less likely to produce any leaks. And the media a lot more compliant. I can't say that I really liked this book. It actually makes me more sad to read about all that MacNeil did to improve reporting, and to see the shabby state that it's devolved into now. It's actually kinda remarkable that the world keeps getting better, and I wonder what's driving that now. Because it doesn't feel to me like it's light being shone on dark places by good reporting.

eBook The Right Place at the Right Time

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