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Proverbs PDF ebook download Commentaries are often hard to review because you're looking to them for answers and if you don't get the answers you want you tend not to feel positively towards the book.However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the book wasn't a valuable resource that didn't faithfully explain the passages of scripture it looks at.
This book is a valuable resource and it does faithfully explain Proverbs.It has a wonderful format, beginning with a nice large introduction that gives you the tools to start to understand Proverbs for yourself.
The whole of proverbs is covered with verse by verse commentary, but there are chunks dotted throughout where more detail is focused on the function of a whole passage and how it points to Christ.There are also helpful questions at the end of each section.
I found as I progressed through the book I needed the verse by verse instruction less and less as I was more able to understand the verses for myself and recognise the various styles of literature.
There were a lot of literary explanations and details in the book that went over my head.It's a bit academic, but I think it has to be to properly explain proverbs - which is a very literary book.
Worthwhile.Valuable. Not perfect, but nothing is.

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